Please visit our Facebook page for our upcoming litter as well as our available puppies.

Note that for now on, we will post our available puppies SOLELY on our Facebook page, you can  »LIKE » our page for updates !

A 10% deposit is required for the reservation to hold your puppy.

We always meet our future families prior to promising a puppy, you can contact us via Facebook to schedule a visit !!

**Please note the BREEDER have all rights to be the first pick of the litter**

All our puppies are vaccinated (Base/Bordetella), dewormed, microchip and CKC registered.

Sale contract clauses (Please read)

1°- The BREEDER will provide, at is own expenses and a reasonable delay, to the BUYER, the CKC certificate with the non-reproduction mention.

2°- The BUYER will, at is own expense, spay/neuter before the age of 12 months, unless otherwise specify with the BREEDER or due to a contraindication from the veterinary.

3°- At delivery, the puppy will have is vaccine up to date, the follow up will be at the new owner (BUYER). The puppy health is guaranteed if the BUYER does all the necessary follow up for the vaccine and follow the diet requires. (At anytime the dog should suffer from obesity) The BUYER has 5 open days to have the puppy check-up. If it is proved that the puppy was sick when he was sold: he will be returned to the BREEDER that will keep him for his treatment.

4°- This dog is sold as a family dog, he is not sold for dog exposition (CKC or AKC), except otherwise agreed with the BREEDER.

5°- If the above-mentioned animal, before the age of 2, developed hereditary disease to his eyes, heart, hips, liver or lungs, the BREEDER will provide a replacement puppy as soon as a litter is available, at the condition that a veterinarian attest and not supposed that the disease is hereditary, the BREEDER could ask for a second opinion of is veterinarian. All the expenses are at the BUYER’S charge. If the BUYER wants to keep the dog as he could still have a good life, the BREEDER will credit half of the price stated on this contrat for the purchase of another puppy. This guaranty is automatically cancelled if the dog was neglected, suffer from obesity, accident and/or had received bad treatment (Physical or mental).

6°- This dog cannot be euthanized without the authorisation of the BREEDER except for an emergency, fatal injury and with the veterinarian approval.

7°- The BUYER will provide the dog a good home, regular exercise, should never let the dog out without a leash.

8°- The BUYER will provide a clean and healthy place to stay.

9°- The BUYER will provide good care and a quality diet to the above-mentioned dog. The dog will have a annual follow up for his vaccine. The BUYER will treat the dog promptly for any injury or disease.

10°- The BREEDER cannot guarantee the final weight/size of the dog.

10% Deposit required for reservation / Balance on delivery of the puppy

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